Ambitious designer with a wide range of competences throughout the design process. 


Pulp Projects, Little Chubbies etc. 


Over the years, I worked with different projects within the design branch. I’ve been working with companies wanting my expertise within the field and i’ve assisted with presentations about sustainable options, product research, design development, tech packs, fabric sourcing and supplier contact. 

Furthermore I worked on a project with a partner, where we designed, made patterns and sew a collection of 12 pieces in different sizes. During this project, I learned a lot about time management and what it takes to develop a collection from the first sketch to the sales process. 


Production & Technical Assistant 

04.2021 – 12.2021 

During my time at HAN KJØBENHAVN, I worked closely with the rest of the design- and production team, developing mens- and womenswear collections. My primary responsibilities were to manage fittings and make fitting comments, measurements- and grading charts for suppliers, to ensure well constructed garments. 

I took part in creating pieces for the SS22 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week and FW22 at Milan Fashion Week and took on different Ad Hoc tasks. 

Design Intern 

04.2020 – 07.2020 

During my internship I was a part of two different branches of production, where I had a lot of responsibilities. 

At the design branch, my main function was following: 

- Pattern construction and sewing of showpieces for Milan Fashion Week, SS21 

- Fittings and alterations 

- Assisting at photoshoot for SS21 

- Ad Hoc design work 

At the technical pattern branch, my main function was following: 

- Tech Packs 

- Measurement & grading charts 

- Fittings and Fitting Comments 

- Grading folder with how-to-measure 

- Documentation 

- Deloque Set-up 

Resulting in partial responsibility of BULK approvements for AW20 and a finished grading folder for further use. 

Due to my performance, I was offered a job as Production & Technical Assistant.


Shop Assistant – Part time

Aarhus, Denmark

08.2019 – 09.2020

Shop Assistant – Part time

Herning, Denmark

06.2017 – 07.2019

During my time at Stoff & Stil I had a lot of great learning experiences within fabric understanding and customer care. My main function was expediting and guiding customers. I helped the customers find the right fabric and trim for specific projects and inspired them to new ones.




Design Assistant – Part time 

05.2018 – 06.2019 

Design Intern 


During my time at SISSEL EDELBO I took part in different parts of the design process, but mainly worked in India, including 3 trips, visiting suppliers. I took on several responsibilities, which resulted in skills within: 

- Tech Packs 

- Print Development 

- Sketching 

- Project Management 

- Fabric sourcing 

- Quality Assurance 

- Fittings 

- Pattern construction 

Back at HQ the Quality Assurance continued through remote communication. 

I also assisted in the leadup to, and during photoshoots, and took on any Ad Hoc tasks that were available and/or given to me at the time. 

Resulting in partial responsibility for selecting fabric for each product for various collections. 

Due to performance, I was offered a part time job as Design Assistant after the internship. 


Substitute teacher – Part time 

12.2016 – 12.2019 

Design Intern 

08.2016 – 10-2016 

During my time as a substitute teacher, I had a lot of responsibilities with teaching and scheduling. My main function was teaching various fashion- and pattern making classes, where I assisted the students in creating wearable garments from a sketch. 

Furthermore, I worked as a part of the teacher staff during evening- and weekend shifts and events. 

I obtained skills within following: 

- Planning and execution of classes 

- Teaching methods 

- Pattern construction 

- Sewing 

- Machine handling 

- Design techniques 

- Communication 

Resulting in an increased level of education. 

Due to performance, I was offered a part time job as substitute teacher after the internship. 






As a part of my final PBA exam at VIA University College, I participated in a talent programme held by VIA Design in cooperation with MANND and Copenhagen Fashion Week. The programme focused on sustainability, and was a new concept for presenting fashion products. As a result, I was chosen among a group of students, who were selected based on their competences and use of materials. 

The output of the programme was working with AR and photogrammetry technology and to have my bachelor project showcased at the SUSTAIN:AR app and as a digital event as a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week. 




During my bachelor’s degree at VIA University College, I participated in a competition held by VIA Design and Medieskolerne Viborg. The competition was a part of Medieskolernes photography students-exam, where they had to choose the designers’ they found most inspirational. I gained recognition among some of the students and was picked by photographer Mads Nordvig Borup. 

Resulting in a photoshoot and a vernissage of the selected photograph. 




A collaboration with the drag queen Betty Bitschslap, where we co-worked on the design development of an outfit for Copenhagen Pride. Furthermore, I developed the patterns, did fittings and alterations and sewed a complete outfit of 4 pieces. The outfit were showcased as a part of Betty Bitschslaps performance at the main stage at Copenhagen Pride in front of 30.000 people. 




Bachelor’s degree Top-Up, Fashion Design 

2019 – 2020 

Academy Professions Degree, Fashion Design 

2017 – 2018 

Garment Technologist, Vocational degree, Fashion Design 

2013 – 2016 


HHX – Marketing, Spanish and Innovation 

2009 – 2012 

Clo 3D - Beginner and Practiced Course 

2020 & 2021 

- The 2D tools for pattern drafting and a look at how simulation works 

- How to sew pattern pieces together to create a 3D construction on an avatar 

- Work with colours, graphics, topstitches, fabric, trim etc. 

Deloque - Introduction 


- Introduction to Deloques features and possibilities within a design- and technical perspective 

- How to set up a product with fabric- and trim, measurements and tech packs. 

- Work with all the components that complete the product/collection